About Us

Mantle Housing are a Brisbane not-for-profit company originating in 2006, as a result of research, advocacy and lobbying. We passionately advocate for accomodation and housing choices to assist people with severe and enduring mental illnesses to access a safe and secure home of their choosing.

Our 2016 photography exhibition that features the photos used on our website “What will the neighbours think?” (Photography credits: Mark Crocker)”

We are a not for profit. 

Mantle Housing’s first project was the Mantle Apartments in Mitchelton, that has successfully provided safe, affordable and supported homes for life for 14 individuals with aging parents and carers. 

Mantle is a not-for-profit Australian company limited by guarantee and managed by a Board of Directors. Mantle housing is a public benevolent institution with Deductible Soft Recipient status, endorsement for charity tax concessions and is registered for GST.

Mantle develops housing options for vulnerable people with mental illness by:


Seeking and securing partnerships with organisations that have the capacity and resources to build and deliver services to residents in tailor made homes


Coordinating development of appropriate housing for people with mental illness


Facilitating careful selection of residents to maximise their housing experience using cognitive assessment, community education and inclusion, family support and mentoring


Working with families and individuals in the first village to prepare and transition people to new accommodation 


Evaluating the process as it unfolds


Identifying and seeking opportunities to commercialise segments of the development to fund ongoing operations and expansion


‘The deinstitutionalisation policies of the last four decades have had a profound impact on the living conditions of people with a significant mental illness.  Substandard boarding houses, social isolation, challenges of finding support and poverty all feature in the list of issues which need to be addressed. The lives of vulnerable individuals living with persistent and enduring mental illness is undermined by a lack of consistent, coordinated and ongoing support. Additionally, the impact on families is significant as they attempt to respond to the needs of loved ones affected by mental illness’.

Dr Ross Young, PhD, Chairman of the Board, Mantle Housing and Professor, QUT.

Our Housing Program

Mantle residents have a persistent and enduring mental illness and associated level of disability that results in the need for long term support to maintain their accommodation and inclusion in the community.

Mantle Village provides services for people with mental illness whose carers, either through age or infirmity, are becoming unable to continue the role.

The recovery-focused, intentional co-housing model is ground-breaking and we wish to replicate this model elsewhere in Queensland. The model is unique in that it envisages an active role for the residents’ carers and families in the delivery of the ongoing support in reaching their recovery goals.

The first village consists of 14 private dwellings surrounded by green spaces in an established community and close to transport. Wesley Mission Brisbane is responsible for the employment of clinical and non-clinical staff who will provide a level of support determined by each resident’s personal recovery plan which is driven by their own aspirations and ultimate goals.

Integration of residents with the wider community is key to helping them to restore their identity as responsible and accepted citizens of that community of which they are a part.

Residents in the village are provided with mental health support through a combination of public, private, and non-government organizations.

Join in and help us to continue this important work and to assist in the development of future villages.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Communities where people with mental illness are supported to live independently in their own homes, in safe and secure environments.

Our Mission
Provide permanent, safe and affordable homes that promote the opportunity for a full and dignified life for people living with mental illness.

Our Values

Safety & Security

Mantle will offer safe independent living environments for people with mental illness and an environment where stress is reduced through effective care and support models.


Mantle offers enriched lives through genuine connection with others. Mantle will work with clients and their families, health professionals, sponsors, and supporters to achieve safe and secure housing environments.


Mantle will offer opportunities for people with psychotic disorders to live compatibly in their own homes within broader communities and encourage social inclusion, friendships and mentoring through the local community.


Mantle will offer caring environments reducing stress and hospitalisations through cognitive enrichment programs, training, education and work skills promoting increased well-being.



Mantle will ensure best practice.



Mantle will engage in dialogue and provide open and honest communications to local communities, clients and families and the wider community to encourage acceptance and understanding of residents’ situation and awareness of needs.

Help us continue our work

Donations will help us to continue to build Queensland communities where people with mental illness are supported to live independently in their own homes, in safe and secure environments.